Research papers

History of the journal

The journal “Warsaw University of Technology Research Papers – Transport” has been published for 44 years without interruption. For several years, it has been published as a quarterly.

The journal includes scientific articles and habilitacja monographs. The subjects of the articles and monographs cover all fields of widely understood transport, i.e. road, rail, water (also sea), air and internal transport.

The publications cover, i.a., transport systems, logistics and organisation of transport, transport infrastructure, means of transport, telecommunications in transport, intelligent transport systems and many other issues.

In the journal, articles and monographs are published by authors from most academic centres and R&D centres dealing with transport, as well as non-academic specialists.

In 2009-2011, “WUT Research Papers – Transport” was awarded 4 points, and then 6 points on the ranking list of journals of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Since 2012, when the evaluation rules were changed, the journal has been placed on the B ranking list of the Ministry with 4 points, and since 2015, with 7 points.

“Warsaw University of Technology Research Papers – Transport” is the only series of Warsaw University of Technology Research Papers, which is present on the lists of ranked journals of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in 2012-2015.


Editorial team

  • head: Krzysztof Zboiński
  • secretary: Jacek Kukulski
  • members:
    • Tomasz Ambroziak
    • Mirosława Dąbrowa-Bajon
    • Lucjan Grochowski
    • Zbigniew Lozia
    • Jerzy Manerowski
    • Wojciech Wawrzyński

The journal is available at (published in Polish).