Student research groups

Student research groups play an important role at the Faculty. They complete research projects, realise scientific grants, and popularise knowledge and research. Their achievements are recognised by researchers and working professionals in the transport sector.

Thanks to student research groups, students’ creative and innovative ideas may be transformed into real projects and prototypes or they may be implemented. Through their work in research groups, students gain direct access to representatives of the transport branch. Thanks to this, they meet their future employers and learn about the requirements for job applicants on the labour market. On the other hand, these contacts are an inspiration for research stimulated by the needs of the economy.

Student research groups at the Faculty of Transport:

  • Research Group of Diagnostics and Modification of Vehicles LAMBDA
  • Research Group of Electrical Engineering in Transport Systems KNEST
  • Student Research Group of Applied Logistics
  • Student Research Group of Road Traffic Engineering
  • Student Research Group of Modern Railway Traffic Control Technology ”Balisa”
  • Student Research Group of CAx Techniques in Modelling of Human – Means of Transport – Environment Systems
  • Student Research Group of Transport Telecommunications
  • Student Research Group of Air Transport