In 1948, the Faculty of Railway Traffic was established at Warsaw University of Technology. One year later, it was renamed the Faculty of Transportation and Communications. It provided education for engineers in the specialisation of railway operation and safety of railway traffic.

The founders of the Faculty were outstanding experts not only in the areas connected with the offered specialisations but also in the field of railway telecommunications, construction and maintenance of track vehicles and electric traction. They were, for example:

  • professor W. Wyrzykowski,
  • professor T. Ważyński,
  • professor H. Śmigielski,
  • professor H. Sobolewski,
  • associate professor S. Plewako,
  • professor S. Skawiński,
  • professor R. Szajer.

In 1970, the structure of Warsaw University of Technology was partly changed and the Institute of Transport was founded at the Faculty of Construction and Automotive Machinery. Since 1972, the Institute became an independent unit functioning on the basis of regulations for faculties. It was led by professor Mirosława Dąbrowa-Bajon and professor Wiesław Bajon. The Institute not only built upon the teaching and research traditions of the Faculty of Transportation and Communications, but also expanded its tasks in line with the needs of technical progress. Therefore, the Institute employed a group of specialists in the field of vehicle transport led at that time by professor Wiktor Sudra. A team of IT specialists also started their work.  

The Institute comprised five research and teaching divisions and offered engineering and master’s degree programmes in three basic specialisations:

  • organisation and technology of rail transport,
  • traffic control in transport,
  • vehicle maintenance and operation.

In the history of the Faculty of Transportation and Communications and the Institute of Transport, a model of BSc and MSc degree programmes in transport was developed and modernised. The Faculty educated young scientists with significant academic achievements, which is proved by academic degrees and titles awarded and numerous research and scientific work done for the economy.

International impact of the Institute is visible through:

  • collaboration with numerous research centres outside Poland (Aachen, Berlin, Dresden, Zilina, Leningrad),
  • participation and organisation of international conferences on transport,
  • visits of foreign staff, stays abroad of the faculty staff and doctoral research stays.

In 1979, the Institute became entitled to award the academic degree of doctor of technical sciences in the discipline of Transport.

In June 1992, with the decision of the Central Commission for Academic Title and Academic Degrees, the Institute became entitled to award the academic degree of doktor habilitowany of technical sciences in the discipline of Transport.

In December 1992, the Institute was transformed into the full Faculty of Transport, with the resolution of the Senate of Warsaw University of Technology.

The first dean of the WUT Faculty of Transport was Andrzej Jabłoński, PhD (1992-1996).

The Faculty now comprises eight teaching and research divisions. Its structure also includes an IT Centre.