Mission of the Faculty

The Faculty of Transport continues the traditions of the former Faculty of Transportation and Communications, established at the Warsaw University of Technology in 1948.

Within more than half a century, the Faculty has developed and is constantly modernizing transportation engineer training model to meet high expectations of modern economy and employment market. The specificity of this model is the systemic approach to the problems of analysis and design of transport, operation and organization of means of transport, traffic control, modelling and simulation of interactions between man, vehicle and environment, diagnostics in accident situations involving a human and technical means of transport and logistics. The education is based on the science of transportation systems integrating infrastructure, superstructure, organization, management, control and safety issues.

The Faculty of Transport offers first- and second-cycle courses in full- and part-time modes, and third-cycle education – doctoral and postgraduate studies.

The Faculty carries out research in the discipline of transport and related areas, which are the basis for scientific development of academic staff of the Faculty. The high quality of research allows continuous transfer of knowledge into economy and constant modernization of study programmes. The areas of scientific interests change dynamically inspired by new trends and practical necessities. Inspiring and conducting research for transport is one of the statutory tasks of the Faculty.

The mission of the Faculty translates into:

  • maintaining the status of a leading research and didactic unit within the area of technical sciences in the field of transport
  • raising the status of the Faculty in the European Area of Higher Education and Scientific Research
  • maintaining a high level of education
  • developing innovative solutions in transport