Faculty structure

Division of Vehicle Maintenance and Operation
Head: professor Zbigniew Lozia, PhD, DSc
tel. 22 234 8246
Division of Traffic Control and Transport Infrastructure
- Rail Control Command and Signalling
- Road Traffic
Head: professor Krzysztof Zboiński, PhD, DSc
tel. 22 234 7078
Division of Air Transport Engineering
Head: professor Jacek Skorupski, PhD, DSc
tel. 22 234 7339
Division of Transportation Systems Engineering and Logistics 
Head: professor Jolanta Żak, PhD
tel. 22 234 5855
Division of Construction Fundamentals of Transport Equipment
Head: professor Andrzej Chudzikiewicz, PhD, DSc
tel. 22 234 7964
Division of Information and Mechatronic Systems in Transport  
Head: professor Włodzimierz Choromański, PhD, DSc
tel. 22 234 5409
Division of Transport Telecommunications
Head: professor Mirosław Siergiejczyk, PhD, DSc
tel. 22 234 7040