Air Traffic Control

First- and second-cycle degree programmes

Students of the Air Traffic Control specialisation develop their knowledge in the field of: electronics, automation, digital technology, flight mechanics, construction and operation of aerodromes, construction and maintenance of aircraft, aviation law and safety of air traffic, air traffic engineering, computer technology in air traffic control, aviation meteorology, aviation communications systems - in the first-cycle degree programmes, and automation, digital control systems, construction and maintenance of aircraft, construction and operation of airports, air traffic engineering, systems of air traffic control, aviation navigation – in the second-cycle degree programmes.

Graduates of the specialisation have the skills to organise, plan and design systems of air traffic and airspace control, as well as to construct and operate aerodromes and control (management) facilities of air traffic, and also to study new solutions in this area.

The graduates may use their qualifications by finding employment in:

  • institutions connected with air traffic control,
  • institutions connected with aerodrome operation,
  • ground handling companies,
  • air carriers,
  • study and design offices,
  • research centres.