Third-cycle degree programmes

Doctoral programmes at the Faculty of Transport of Warsaw University of Technology are conducted in the third-cycle of the Three-Cycle Flexible Study System. The programmes are offered in the academic discipline of TRANSPORT in the following specialisations:

  • Logistics and Technology of Transport
  • Traffic Control in Transport
  • Road Vehicles Maintenance Engineering

Lectures connected with the academic discipline of Transport in doctoral degree programmes are given in Polish.


Full-time doctoral programmes last 4 years and comprise:

  • individual research work supervised by an academic tutor,
  • field of study courses connected with the academic discipline of Transport in the first and second year of doctoral study (10 meetings every semester, 3 lecture hours each) – 240 hours;
  • fundamental courses at advanced level from the university offer for doctoral students (at least one of the courses chosen must be passed on the first year of study) – 60 hours;
  • classes of the course WUT Teaching Seminar (obligatory for first-year doctoral students) – 60 hours;
  • courses in economic sciences and the humanities, and specialist language courses from the university offer for doctoral students.

Classes for doctoral students may be attended by second-cycle (MSc) students of the Faculty of Transport, in accordance with the regulations of the Flexible Study System valid at the Faculty.