Outgoing students - Erasmus+ (EN)

Please follow the instructions listed on the website below:


The student is responsible for meeting the deadlines of the nominations and applications at the Host University (the Dean's office is not responsible for the student's failure to meet the deadlines)!

The list of required application documents:

The application form printed from the USOSweb system


Pobierz plik (pdf, 57,82 kB)

Learning Agreement

Pobierz plik (doc, 182,50 kB)

Bank account form

Pobierz plik (docx, 34,37 kB)

WWS form - filled only in part A, B and C by a student

the Dean's approval will depend on the results of the student's registration

Pobierz plik (doc, 87,00 kB)


Pobierz plik (doc, 43,50 kB)